Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS, Inc. - Meeting the needs of HIV+ children in Haiti since 2003
Dear Friends,

Bienvenue!  Welcome!  To begin, I would like to give honor to God for choosing me for this mission.  Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS (CHOAIDS) was birthed on December 2003 five months after my encounter with an HIV+ 13 year-old girl during my second visit to the Grace Children’s Hospital, the only pediatrics tuberculosis hospital in Haiti.  I was not looking for a mission; I was looking for a research site to come back to the following year.  God saw fit that I crossed paths with that young child. For that I am grateful. 

Over the years we have faced many challenges, nevertheless, with God’s help we continue to press forward.We have cared for and assisted 40 HIV+ children since the inception of the orphanage.  One of my many goals for CHOAIDS is to have the model of care replicated in other areas of the world where HIV/AIDS is still rampant.  Friends, the well-being of the children we serve is highly dependent on your support, so please support us financially as often as you can. Rest assure that your financial contributions will go directly to improving the lives of these children.  I’m looking forward to sharing our struggles, challenges and successes throughout this journey with you.

Your sister in Christ,
Marie F. Denis-Luque, MSPH, MPH
Founder & Executive Director

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