Supporting one of our kids means helping them stay happy and healthy. With your support they will be able to attend school, receive the proper ARV medications, food and nourishment. Please check out "OUR KIDS" page, click on individual photos to learn more about each individual child. 


Take a trip to our orphanage, interact with the children, teach them a skill, help sort clothing and other donated supplies, update our media sites or help us plan our next steps. The possibilities are endless!  

Join one of our six projects and put your ideas into motion. We currently have six projects that we deem most important for the physical, mental, and spiritual health of our children. Learn more and get involved today!

Your business, church or community group has the potential to impact the children in a huge way! From providing funds for medicines and daily meals to schooling and fun educational projects, your support would be greatly appreciated. Community sponsors are encouraged to raise money to help support our children in any capacity including these programs: Water, Art & Theater, Career, Fruits & Veggies, and Vitamins & Supplements. When giving, please, make sure to tell us which of these programs you would like to support and for how long.

Financial giving is one of the most convenient ways to help our cause. Not to mention one of the most needed. All donations are exciting to us and we are so grateful for each and every one. 

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