Marie Denis-Luque

Founder & Executive Director

Marie Denis-Luque holds two Master’s degrees in Public Health from the University of South Florida (USF): Epidemiology (MSPH) and Community Health (MPH). During her graduate studies at USF, she founded Caring for Haitian Orphans with AIDS (CHOAIDS), a nonprofit organization with a mission to enhance the quality of life for all HIV-positive children, and the only institution dedicated to this vulnerable population in Haiti. CHOAIDS received its nonprofit status in 2007, but has been in operation since 2003. CHOAIDS is the only home for HIV+ children in Port-au-Prince and was featured in AIDS: Living in the Shadows, a documentary by Voice of America, and premiered at the 20th AIDS International Conference in Melbourne, Australia on July 22, 2014.

John Hill 

Advisory Board Development &

Donor Relations


John first visited Haiti in 1998, on a “Mission Encounter” fact-finding trip.  As this was his epiphany, John became involved in the Intl. Child Care USA board (the CHOAIDS’ kids attend Grace Children’s Hospital for their antiretroviral meds) , as the people and children of Haiti are in his heart.  He is most pleased to bring his “gifts & graces” to CHOAIDS – to assist in improving the quality of life for these wonderful children, to make their future more bright.  John believes that, through Him, all this is possible!

Hope Walton

Public Relations

Hope first connected with CHOAIDS in 2014 during a team visit to Haiti, organized by her local church.  As a teacher who has worked with all ages, she felt called to help develop the education program available to the children at CHOAIDS.  To do so, she returned in 2015 and spent time teaching English. She tutored the children individually seeking to meet their specific needs during the summer months. She was deeply affected by the needs of the people in Haiti, especially the children at CHOAIDS.  Through effective education,  Hope knows that our children will go out into the world as strong, intelligent young adults! 

Corinne Hale 

Web Design, Marketing & Communications

After graduating college in 2014 with a BA in Anthropology and minor is Nonprofit Studies, Corinne visited Haiti for the first time and began her committment to the children and staff of CHOAIDS. Upon learning the aspirations of each child, Corinne has been using her skills to help secure a bright future full of opportunities for the children and young adults at CHOAIDS.

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