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a note from our founder

In August 2003, I traveled to Haiti to spend time at two infectious disease treatment centers in Port-au-Prince, Haiti: Grace Children’s Hospital (GCH) and GHESKIO.  My reason for taking that trip was to locate a site to return the following year to collect data for my Master’s thesis.  On my third day of a 4-day rotation at the Grace Children’s Hospital, I met Valcuse, a 13 year-old HIV-positive girl who was living in the courtyard of the hospital.  I was introduced to Valcuse by two women who later became key players in saving lives of HIV-positive orphans in Haiti. 

Here is Valcuse’s story.


Marie Denis-Luque


choaids now

Today, Marie Denis-Luque still leads the organization.  CHOAIDS is now comprised of 7 board members, a Marketing & Communications Director (state-side) and about one dozen staff members at our home in Haiti. 

With each passing year, CHOAIDS finds more ways to provide for our children.

We continually seek the opportunities to grow and source new resources to provide the essentials needed in Haiti.  With the help of our generous donors, we are able to give the children in our care what they need to thrive.

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