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Frantz Herod

Site Manager, Full-time 

Frantz (aka FanFan) is the on-site manager at CHOAIDS. He is in charge of all the daily operations and has such a heart for the children and the work.  On top of his full schedule, he is also pursuing a degree in administrative management.

Nansie Casimir

House Supervisor, Full-time

Nansie is the house supervisor, filling roles joyfully and as needed.  These range from staying at the hospital with children to bouncing them on her knees.  She has four children of her own, and loves that the kids call her "mom."

Venise Louis

Caretaker, Full-time

Venise is a caretaker in the house and has been in this roll for six years.  Having come through the CHOAIDS home, she is keenly aware of both the joys and struggles, and does her best to meet the children's needs.  She is passionate about cooking and loves to use her culinary background in the home.  

Marilene Germain

Caretaker, Full-time

Marilene is also a caretaker in the home.  She has a background in pharmacy and has been with CHOAIDS for five years.  Her role in the home started as taking care of our only infant, and has now transitioned to helping with all of the children.  

Mme Julie Nelson


Tutor & Educator, Full-time

Mme Julie is a tutor and educator at CHOAIDS, and has been with us for the last nine years!  She aids in the children's learning, supplements their lessons, and offers necessary support.  She is passionate and dedicated and loves to walk alongside the children in their educational journey.

Mr. Hyppolite Yves


Social Worker, Part-time

Mr. Hyppolite is a full-time social worker at Grace Children's Hospital, a law student, and works part-time in the CHOAIDS home.  He has been with CHOAIDS for eight years. Mr. Hyppolite is very hands-on, and loves assisting our children with emotional and psychological needs as well as basic social skills.

Josue Mandena


Music & Poetry Teacher, Part-time

Josue is a music and poetry teacher.  He is a talented local artist, and an extremely hard worker as he balances multiple jobs and his own education.  Josue has a big heart for children and loves to share his knowledge of music, poetry, and how they can blend together.  He has been with CHOAIDS for five years.

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