Frantz Herod

Site Manager, Full-time 

Frantz aka FanFan is our on-site manager at the CHOAIDS orphanage. He is in charge of all the daily operations. Fanfan loves the children as though they were his own. He is also in his third-year at university studying administrative management.

Nansie Casimir

House Supervisor, Full-time

Nansie is the one that the kids love to call mom. She is very caring and loving. Even though she has four children of her own, she loves our children as though they were her own. She is the one who often stayed the night at hospitals when there is a medical emergency.  

Venise Louis


Caretaker, Full-time 

Venise is one of our children who was hired as a caretaker in July 2016. She love to put her culinary education to use in the house by making lasagna and baking cakes. Venise enjoys what she does at the house and takes her role as caretaker seriously. She is saving money for one day soon be on her own.

Marilene Germain

Infant Caretaker, Full-time

Marilene, a former pharmacy working at Grace Children's Hospital, began working at CHOAIDS in June 2017. She is a very spirited person who loves working with baby Edison, our only infant. When Marilene is not working with Edison, she helps the other women with other household chores.

Mme Julie Nelson


Tutor, Full-time

Mme Julie has been with CHOAIDS since February 2013. She tutors the children year around: five days a week during the regular school year and three times a week in the summer months. She is very passionate and dedicated to the work she does with the children.  

Mr. Hyppolite Yves


Social worker, Part-time

Mr. Hyppolite is a full-time social worker at Grace Children's Hospital and a third-year law student who has been working with CHOAIDS since June 2014. He serves as our liaison with Grace Children' and similar institutions. Mr. Hyppolite is very hands-on. He assists our children with emotional and psychological needs as well as basic social skills.

Josue Mandena


Music & Poetry Teacher, Part-time

Josue joined our team in December 2017. He is a talented local artist who has been living in a local orphanage for past two years. Though 27 years old, he is still trying to finish high school. Josue sells bread door-to-door in his neighborhood in the morning before going to school. We hired him to teach the kids' guitar playing and poetry on Saturdays and Sundays. Josue lives on one meal a day but will now have access to a second meal on the weekends, since we feed everyone who works at the CHOAIDS home.