Meet our newest child: Joseph

New beds & furniture!

Though over the years, we replaced the children's mattresses and other beddings, they have been in dire need of new beds and other household items. In February, our friend Michelle Zehring visited the children and made sure to upgrade their living situation in the new home. In addition to spending quality time with them, Michelle went shopping for beds, a larger refrigerator, dressers, racks and clothes baskets, batteries for the inverter, and shower curtains! We cannot find the words to express our appreciation for this heartfelt gesture in meeting these needs for our children. Michelle and Brian, you have been a God sent to us and we trust that He will continue to bless you so that you will continue to support causes that are dear to your hearts.

Our Kids' Health

Zachary has been given the okay to use crutches! As may remember, on November 28, 2017, on his way to participate in a school event, Zachary was hit by a car. Between January and February, he has had repeated visits to Bernard Merz for physical therapy and x-rays. He is delighted to be able to use his legs again.

Most of our other children were in reasonably good health; however, several experienced some minor health problems. Wilka and Alexandra were among the 22 of our children who had teeth pulled by the MUSC dental team in early November, but are still experiencing toothaches; for temporary relief, they were given Ibuprofen. Ruth L., Ruth C., Jennifer, Wilka, Oscar, and Jennifer had bellyaches. While Wilka and Oscar were the only two taken to Grace Children’s for upset stomach and vomiting, and they were both prescribed medications. Guenson had a fever, while Dania, Ruth C., and Jordany experienced migraine headaches. Cassandra and Anaika had an eye infection that caused nonstop itching, swelling, and discharge. Both girls were taken to the Grace Children’s eye clinic, which referred them a specialist for further examination. It was determined that their condition was merely an allergic reaction.

In January and February, Nurse Kim visited Edison several times. She brought yet another medication to try to treat Edison's ongoing ear infection. Likewise, Edison has been teething, and has had a fever and was vomiting. We are most happy to report, per consultation with three different U.S. medical doctors, Michelle brought ear drops that were efficacious in treating Edison's chronic ear infections. After administering the drops as recommended, the pus and foul smell completely disappeared. We thank God for Nurse Kim’s intervention, as well as Edison’s successful recovery, brought about by Michelle and her friends.

Valentina and Angela were also ill in January. Difficulty breathing issues and malaise further complicated Angela's condition. She was taken to Grace Children’s, where a chest x-ray and sputum examination were performed. The results of these examinations led to a change in her ARV meds regimen.

A family for Joseph!

Seventeen-year-old Joseph is grateful to have home and family to call his own - all thanks to Josh McKenna, a missionary from Kansas. It has been seven years now since Josh and his family met Joseph during their travels to work in the community of Montruie. While living in the Community of Canaan, Joseph became ill and was tested for HIV. The Community did not know how to care for him, so he was rejected. A local barkeeper took pity on Joseph and allowed him to sleep in the bar after hours, with the agreement that he will clean the place and get it ready for business. For years, the American missionaries who worked at Canaan searched for a place that would accept Joseph, but each place that would take him in would later mistreat him, and Joseph would return to where he knew - the bar.

Recently, Josh searched Google for organizations with a focus on HIV+ orphaned children in Haiti and was able to locate CHOAIDS. When Josh called Marie, he was not expecting much but was elated when she said YES. So, on his way to the Toussaint Loverture Airport on February 27th, Josh and a local pastor dropped off Joseph to the CHOAIDS home in Delmas 33. Since then Joseph has seen a medical doctor and started on ARV medications. Like many of our other children, Joseph is assimilating well and is looking forward to his new life as a member of this non-traditional family.

A visit from a Charleston friend

Nick Mason, a Water Missions engineer, visited CHOAIDS in late January to assess the feasibility of installing a water filter in the cistern in our home. Nick is in the process of discussing cost feasibility and other changes with Tim Darms, the other engineer involved in the project.

As always, we are happy to hear from you. So, please contact us via email or phone (912) 515-1172.

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