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Oscar Strong

Our Kids' Health

Oscar has struggled with a TB infection, but is now back on ARVs and gaining weight. Although this is good news, he now has a skin condition that could potentially be scabies. Aimee, our pediatrician on our board is assessing images of his skin condition to determine the proper course of action. Prayers and good thoughts for him for his health to improve!

For the first time, Guenson is doing better in school. We couldn't be more excited for him! He may have an undiagnosed learning disability and we will continue evaluating his learning progress at the new school.

Richardson is currently experiencing a hernia that is affecting his appetite. We are hoping to take him to a private doctor in the very near future for a diagnosis and solution.

Edison started talking! Richardson, at one time the youngest of children at CHOAIDS, has taken the lead practicing with him. Edison has been following Richardson's physical and verbal cues.

Political unrest has plagued Haiti since its inception and has hindered life at the house in the past few months. We are lucky that the children and staff have remained safe, but we did have to go a few days without safe drinking water. The team boiled water from the cistern to drink and eventually we were able to get 6 out of 18 gallons filled for the kids thanks to Frantz aka Fanfan (Program Coordinator) and Daniel (our part-time driver). The children also missed two weeks of school while protesters took to the streets. We hope that more social needs are met in Haiti and that the government hears the pleas of its tired and frustrated population.

House Hunting

Even though we just moved into a new house, we are working toward purchasing our own home! We are searching for property in the Delmas area with more rooms, open outdoor space and the utilities we need to ensure safety and security. Marie (Founder/Executive Director) and John (Board Chair) will continue house hunting during their upcoming visit to Port-au-Prince. For those of you in Haiti, if you all hear of any listings, please send them our way!

Other Notes

All tax letters were sent by January 29th. If you believe you may be missing yours or have questions, please let us know- info@choaids.org

Chanje Movement hosted a Trust Based Relational Information seminar in Haiti at Chanje Lakay led by Kristy Spurgin. Five of our staff members attended. Thanks to Chanje Movement for the opportunity!

We are hosting our 2nd annual Board strategic planning meeting at the end of April in Vermilion, OH at Grace United Methodist Church. We look forward to coming together as a team to plan, brainstorm and connect with our Vermilion supporters!

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