Happy 10th Anniversary to Fanfan!

In the month of June, Frantz Herod, as we fondly refer to as "Fanfan," celebrated his 10th anniversary with CHOAIDS! We appreciate his dedication to our children and hope he will continue serving our cause for a long time to come. Thank you Fanfan - You make everything fun with your goofy disposition!

Health Update

We're happy to report that the majority of our children are doing great. Because of the changes in medicinal regimes, a few of our children report infections, colds, occasional headaches, and diarrhea. So far, we have been able to address this conditions swiftly.

One of our younger children, Oscar, has been on TB medications and has recovered from a chronic cough. He is gaining weight and his health continues to improve!

On April 9th, seven-year-old Richardson had the first of two surgeries to repair a hernia. He underwent surgery at St. Camille Hospital in Bon Repose, Port-au-Prince. Richardson successfully recovered from both surgeries (second surgery took place in July). Way to go Richardson! And thank you to the staff and surgery team at St. Camille's for taking care of our little man!

Board Update

In April, our Board of Directors came together for a wonderful couple days of planning, brainstorming and making things happen! Thank you to Grace United Methodist Church in Vermilion, Ohio for hosting our Board annual meeting.

During our meeting, Hope Walton was elected as our new Board Chair with Dr. Aimee Simpson elected to serve as Vice Chair. We look forward to the years ahead of strong leadership, new ideas, and strategic development. Also big thanks to John Hill for his years of service as Board Chair! John will continue serving as Secretary, Steve Hailer serves as Treasurer, Roger Skelley-Watts as board Chaplain and Corinne Hale as Marketing Coordinator.

Trips to Haiti

Marie (Executive Director) and John (Board Secretary) visited the kids in May along with friends of CHOAIDS, Amy Clark and her two daughters Maddie and Nobie. Together the group completed house projects, built raised beds and ventured into the country-side with the kids.

The Tongue Out organization also paid the house a visit to provide much needed dental care to the kids. Because we know dental health is necessary to maintain overall health and wellness, we're eternally grateful for the access to dental care!

One of our oldest young adults, Zachary, is now a proud owner of an acoustic guitar donated by his sponsor, Kathleen Crowe, member of James Island Christian Church of Charleston, SC. The guitar was delivered by way of Amy Clark. Thank you Kathleen for your continued sponsorship! To express his thanks, Zachary wrote a poem for Kathleen as a true musician and artist might do.

We hope your summer has been full of happiness! Thank you for tuning into this update. The kids will be returning to school shortly. We hope that our students can safely continue their educations without the risk of harm due to political instability. If you're interested in supporting our children in school, please consider contributing to our "Back To School" campaign through our donations page.

Have a wonderful day!

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