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NEW ARRIVAL | We'd like to introduce you to the newest member of our orphanage, Rene Robendy. This sweet little man is three years old and has not yet walked. Rene was the youngest child in a home with five other children being raised by a single mother (also AIDS positive). He was deemed healthy enough to be discharged from Grace Children's Hospital last week. This was far from his first stay. After multiple hospital discharges and still seeming unhealthy, he is now in the care of CHOAIDS and our Haitian staff. We are expecting several more children by the end of the summer. More information to come.

TRANSITION | As an organization, we are thrilled to announce we have found another Transition Path for the children that age out of our care. Board Member Ben Stites joined us in February 2021 and soon became the leader of the transition pillar of our organization. After months of brainstorming and research, he was able to connect with Global Orphan, the parent organization to the Go Project. Fast forward to May of this year, 10 of our children participated in an on-site visit with the Go Project to learn more about their Transition Academy. The Transition Academy is a 2-year vocational-technical school for young adults who have aged out of orphan care. After the Go Project's screening process, 4 of our kiddos have accepted an invitation to attend the Transition Academy!

On June 10th, those 4 attended the one-on-one interview and the Go Project team loved everything about them. Based on preliminary information from the Transition Director, they are "in!" Their next visit, scheduled for August 31st, will be a 2-day orientation. After this visit, they will fully transition to living on the Go Project campus in early September.

We are beyond excited to have another transition plan to present our children as an option for their future.

Throughout the month of May, our Haiti staff continually transported several children between the orphanage and the hospital for sickness, checkups, and scheduled appointments.

  • In early May, about 6 of our children caught the flu. Everyone was taken to the doctor for treatment and made a full recovery within a few weeks.

  • A couple of checkup appointments turned into second visits when one of our children, Baldwin, was noticed to have weight fluctuations. We are thankful the doctor caught this and recommended a course of treatment to get his weight back on track.

  • Dania's surgery is still postponed and her feet are very sore. We are continually searching for a doctor who may be able to complete the surgery soon.

Our organization thanks each of you for everything you have contributed and continue to as we expand our care for the children of Haiti. Unfortunately this year has lead to many increases in costs - We've taken on more children than ever before and the cost of goods is continually rising. CHOAIDS runs completely off of donor contributions, and this year we are experiencing a donation shortage. In comparison to expenses, we are coming up short about $2,000 each month.

If we are able to find 200 individuals to donate $10 per month, our budget shortage would be resolved. Please help us spread the word - Just $10 per month can help cover the costs of our children's needs and has the potential to change a child's life.

In addition, we ask each of you to think about who you may know that has a corporation or organization that is searching for a philanthropic cause to support. Please get in touch with us and we will be happy to set up a zoom call, lunch meeting, or other personal conversation to provide them with information about our organization's needs. Thank you for all that you do!

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