Volunteer Opportunities


Join our outreach team! If you are a go getter looking for a challenging task join us in community outreach to gain more supporters for our mission. Both stateside and abroad. 


Visiting Haiti? Spend time working at CHOAIDS cooking, cleaning or sharing fun activities with our kids. 


Have a skill that you would like to share? Let us know! We are always looking for ways to incorporate our volunteers' talents. We are always open to new ideas. 

Interested in traveling to Haiti? We have volunteers visiting the kids all year long. They love new faces! For travel information, volunteer connections, and more information about lodging and traveling to Haiti click the button above. 

Want to travel to Haiti or help support our kids with gifts like clothes and water? Check out our fundraising page for ideas and resources for starting your own successful fundraiser. 

Voices of our Volunteers

When I first came to Haiti I was not sure I wanted to return in the future. I thought I was prepared for the culture shock, but in reality it took me a little while to adjust. Upon my visit to CHOAIDS I found the most charming kids with no regard for personal space. Visiting the kids every day was not a glamorous or fantastical affair. It was much more than that. It was the down on your knees, gritty and real kind of thing that forces you out of your comfort zone. I loved every second of it. Many people say visitors to Haiti are typically running to or from something. I would like to believe that I was running to llfe long relationships because that is what I found at CHOAIDS. After a few years of being involved, all the people at CHOAIDS are now my family and me theirs. 

Corinne Hale

Madison, WI

When we met CHOAIDS, their living situation was not good and their supporters few. The house was black with mold, the kids were sick and some scared... It was a God encounter that changed all of our lives! They are now happy, healthy and because of that they feel loved! We want to continue to be their family all thru their life. They can always use more family to love and support them so join with us in being a part of these amazing kids' lives. It will put a smile on your face as well as theirs!










Michelle Bertram

Operation Go Haiti

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